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Cracked Floors? Powdering Floors? Deteriorating Substrate? Carpet or Flooring Need Replacement?

Universal has trademarked a revolutionary installation process that brings office down-time during installation to the absolute minimum. Installation using M.A.R.S., or "Modular Alternative Replacement System," will have only a minimal impact on your office's normal operation. Universal's M.A.R.S. system literally levitates office furniture, fixtures and electronic and automated equipment while a new floor surface is installed in the unidirectional phasing.

Any carpet retrofit using M.A.R.S. begins with a comprehensive project evaluation. Referred to as "Value Engineering," the M.A.R.S. team works with the client to locate problem areas and suggest viable solutions. To insure that you can follow the progress, M.A.R.S. provides a color coded schedule. At a glance, you understand when and where each area of the office is scheduled for the retrofit.


The work takes place anytime, so it won't interfere with office productivity. Computers, phones and communication equipment are virtually undisturbed, reducing office personnel responsibility. Personal effects are simply boxed and left at the workstation. The M.A.R.S. advantage is its ability to retrofit when it's convenient for the customer.

M.A.R.S., is a sensible and cost-effective method of repairing substandard floors without the conventional inconveniences, such as relocation, systems furniture breakdown and setup, office disruption and lost productivity. Your office will be back on line in a fraction of the time, and a lower cost than the conventional competition.